C. A. Waller

Floyd's Blues

(CD, released 2014)


  1. This Old Town
  2. Floyd's Blues #1 (John Henry's Bride)
  3. Mining Blues
  4. Camp Girls
  5. Illinois Central Line
  6. Drakesboro Blues
  7. Ain't But the One Light
  8. Heavenly Prize
  9. Pass It On (Part 1)
  10. Pass It On (Part 2)
  11. Ebenezer
  12. Just Another Song
  13. That Good Cocaine
  14. See That Train
  15. The Last Day of Spring
  16. Floyd's Blues #2 (The Blues Done Caught Me)

"FLOYD'S BLUES is a play about the phonograph record, the men whose voices filled the grooves scratched into those lacquer discs, and how it changed the way music was performed, the way it was heard, and how it was paid for." -- liner notes


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