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What the Hoops Junkie Saw

What the Hoops Junkie Saw

Poems, Stories, and Reflections on the Passing Scene

“Walker knows hoops and fine writing and he proves it here in this mix of poems and prose, in this view of near and dear and faraway places, and in this account of inward journeys. What the Hoops Junkie Saw is like the array of food laid out for the taking at a church supper: something for us all, sinners and saved alike, no matter, and it’s all homemade and good, served up with an exuberant heart.”

– Kent Haruf, author of Plainsong, National Book Award Finalist


What the Hoops Junkie Saw is an illumination: moment and movement and music and paying close attention combined into the beauty of life: family, friends, sweetness, sorrow, philosophy, humor, worship, vice, stories, travels, backyard, river, and saving grace. Amen.”

– Twyla M. Hansen, co-author of Dirt Songs: A Plains Duet


“This book reminds us to enjoy our rivers, our Saturday nights, our friendships, our sandhills salsa, our particular mound of hash browns. What the Hoops Junkie Saw, lordy lordy, reminds us the journey is our home.”

– Marjorie Saiser, author of Beside You at the Stoplight

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